Large Format LCD Displays

Large format displays are designed for demanding applications with high durability and performance requirements.

From communicating information to enhancing ambience, flat panel display monitor lines are the ideal complement to any retail store, lobby, control room, or other professional application. 

Display Sizes: 42” LED - 46” LED - 55” LED - 70” LED.


  1. Resolution: 1920 x 1080

  2. Ultra Narrow Bezel (less than 7 mm.)

  3. Power Consumption Reduced at 40% Compared to Normal Display

  4. Built in Video Wall Function.

  5. Portrait / Landscape Orientation.

  6. Hight Connectivity.

  7. Remote Control (RS232)

  8. Display Sizes: 46” (450nits) - 46” (500nits) - 46” (700nits) - 55” (450nits) - 55” (500nits) - 55” (700nits).


  1. Special DOOH LCD Panel.

  2. Kiosk Housing.

  3. Auto-cooling System.

  4. Flexible Content Management.

  5. Remote Control (RS232).

  6. Tempered Glass.

  7. Touch Screen.

  8. Display Sizes: 46” Portrait - 46” Landscape - 55”Landscape - 46” Portrait Double - 55” Landscape Double.

Broadcast your branding

with Indoor Digital Signage!

Broadcast your branding

with Outdoor Digital Signage!


  1. Special DOOH LCD Panel

  2. All Weather Capable (IP66)

  3. Sunlight Readable Brightness

  4. Anti-Vandal Protection

  5. Non AC cooled system

  6. Auto Brightness Control

  7. Remote Control (RS232)

  8. Easy to Service with Front Door Open.

  9. Display Sizes: 21.5” - 32” - 46” - 55” Perfective Portrait Display Standalone, 46” - 55” Perfective Landscape Display Standalone.

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