TransLevant – Education is a strong believer of Education. We make it our duty to bring the most modernized and effective solutions to enhance the educational process.

We make teaching easier and more rewarding, while making learning more interesting. When technology is at its best, it paves the way, rather than getting in the way. Teachers can do what they do best – simply teach.

UniBinder 7.1

The UniBinder 7.1 is the perfect binding system for small offices or individuals who want to create professional-looking documents or books. The UniBinder 7.1 has one heating compartment and one cooling compartment and can bind up to 8 documents at once.

UniBinder 8.2

The UniBinder 8.2 is the newest technology for a neat presentation of your document. It combines the traditional and proven Unibind Resin SteelBinding with a newly developed crimping element. It is designed for office use: flexible covers on an easy to use machine. It binds documents from 1 till 340 sheets with only 5 spine sizes of covers. Bind, crimp and cool in seconds with only one system.

AllStar Super Star

Every classroom needs a SuperStar. The AllStar SuperStar Machine is economical, easy to carry and compatible with any AllStar die and most Sizzix Bigz dies. It can cut everything from cardstock to fabric.

Easy To Use

Select an AllStar or Bigz die and material to be cut. Place die (rubber side up) on cutting pad with material to be cut on top of die. Place second cutting pad on top of this to create a sandwich.

Slide sandwich into SuperStar Machine opening.

Rotate handle in same direction until sandwich has passed through machine.

Remove sandwich from SuperStar Machine.

Your perfectly cut shapes are ready to use!