The Communication revolution has changed the world during the last 20 years by allowing instantaneous communication across the globe, especially via the Internet, Telephones and Mobile Phones.
TransLevant - Communications is coping with the new revolution by offering the advanced, effective and inexpensive solutions for our clients according to their needs.

With the TV SAT Starter Set, every wall outlet becomes an antenna socket. The intelligent twin tuner receives two different satellite TV programs simultaneously and is thus ideal for households with two or more TV sets.

Installation as easy as child‘s play - no routing cables!

Watch your favorite TV program on two different devices at the same time. Televisions, tablets and smartphones can easily access the TV program.

Satellite TV in any room without antenna cables!

Connect multimedia devices via Wi-Fi and LAN

Easily goes through walls and ceilings: Boundless Wi-Fi reception throughout the building. Additionally, you can connect up to three Internet-compatible devices via LAN port.

Easy Home Networking

You can already experience the home of the future - within your own four walls. Because we offer you quick and secure home networking with dLAN® (direct Local Area Network). Especially easy to install and with almost unlimited expandability. It connects all network-compatible devices to each other via household power lines, and reliably extends your Internet connection to any room. From IT to state-of-the-art consumer electronics. Always how you want it - without long cables. Throughout the entire flat and throughout the entire house. Equip your home for the future of the Internet. It‘s simple and fast.